Amazing Windows Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows 11

Windows keyboard shortcuts are very much helpful to do any task without pointing your mouse to the object or minimizing apps.


Windows Keyboard shortcuts are an alternative way to perform tasks without touching the mouse. We hope you already know about keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10. Here we will provide you with keyboard shortcuts to Windows 11 to perform tasks faster than ever before.

There are several Windows keyboard shortcuts are there. Here we have listed some of the most useful Windows shortcuts to do any task with ease.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are not comfortable using the mouse on your PC then shortcut keys on the computer are there to help you perform any task. Below the mentioned keyboard shortcuts are for windows 11.

1. Cut, Copy, Paste

For Copy use Ctrl + C, for Cut use Ctrl + X, and for Paste use Ctrl + V.

2. Maximizing Window:

To Maximize a Window press F11 or Windows Key + Up arrow

3. Open File Explorer

To Open File Explorer user Windows Key + E

4. New Folder Shortcut Key

The create a new folder press Windows Key + D

5. Opening Task View:

To open the task view press Windows Key + Tab

6. Displaying and hiding the desktop:

To display and hide the desktop use Windows key + D

7. Switching between applications

To switch between various apps press Alt + Tab

8. Opening Quick Link Menu

To open the Quick Link menu press Windows Key + X

9. Task Manager Shortcut

To bring up the task manager press Ctrl + Shift + Esc

10. Lock PC

To lock your pc use Windows key + L

11. Taking Screenshot or Print Screen Shortcut

To take a screenshot using Windows Key + PrtScn or Fn + Windows Key + Spacebar.

12. Open Search

To Open the Search bar click Windows Key + S

13. Open Xbox Game Bar when a Game is running

To open Xbox Game Bar use Windows Key + G

14. Full-Screen Shortcut

To full screen, your streaming app press Windows Key + Shift + Enter.

To full screen, your browser press the F11 key.

15. Shutdown Shortcut Key

To shut down your Windows 11 PC press ALT + F4, select shutdown from the popup menu, and hit enter.

16. Open Setting

To open the setting use Windows Key + I